Professional Ethics



Charter of Ethics for the Teaching Profession:

*Article 1: Following terms have the meaning set opposite to each of them.

  • Ethics for the Teaching Profession:

Good qualities and virtuous behaviours that must be displayed by the workers in the field of public education, in thoughts and behaviours, in front of God and in front of rulers, in front of themselves and others as a result of their moral duties.

  • The Teacher:

Teachers, organizers, the observers on educational processes, managers, mentors, tutors and instructors.

  • The Student:

The students in public schools according to different levels.

*Article 2: Objectives of the Charter:

Charter aims to strengthen the teacher’s affiliation to his/her message and career, upgrade and contribute in the development of society in which they live and progress, attracting students by loving them, and benefit from charter through the following:

  • The teacher is aware with the importance of his/her profession and role in building the future of his/her homeland.
  • Contribution in strength of teacher’s educational and social position.
  • Stimulating teacher so he/she can apply their profession, behaviour and moral values in his/her life.

*Article 3:

  • Education is a message which derives its ethics from the guidance and principles of our religion and our civilization. It’sobligatory for the performers to show their belonging rights and sincerity at work, honesty with themselves and people, and continues to spread knowledge and virtues.
  • The teacher owes the message to show its greatness, believes in its importance and provides its rights with high professionalism.
  • Honouring the teacher with his/her profession and constant awareness of the message invites him/her to ensure the purity of conductance and purity of conscience in order to preserve the honour of the teaching profession.

*Article 4: The Teacher and his/her Professional Performance:

  • A teacher is an example of the Muslim who is honoured with the religion that is exampled by the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) in all his/her words, average in his/her dealings and provisions.
  • The teacher realizes that the professional growth is a fundamental duty, the continuous cultural self-approach is syllabus of his/her life, each new acquaintance in his field, and develops teaching art and skills.
  • The teacher realizes that integrity, honesty, truthfulness, forbearance and firmness, discipline and tolerance, good-looking appearance and facial features are important points in the formation of his/her personality.
  • The teacher knows that the real sergeant on his/her behaviour, after God Almighty, is the attentive conscience and critic sense, and the external oversight, no matter how varied their tactics didn’t amount to self-censorship, so the teacher is seeking by every means available to spread this spirit among his/her students and community, and hits ideals and examples in upholding them.
  • Teacher contributes to the consolidation of the concept of citizenship among students, and to instil the importance of the principle of moderation, tolerance and coexistence away from extremism.

*Article 5:

  • The relationship between the teachers and their students is to benefit them, feel pity on them, honouring them, and the basis of this is care affection and guardiancyis also important. The achievements of these objectives are in this world and hereafter, for the generation who are hopeful of renaissance and progress.
  • The teacher is a role model especially for his/her students, and the community in general, who is keen to have its good and positiveimpact on people, so he/she upholds moral values, ideals and calls forth, publishes them among his/her students and all other people, works on the popularity and respect as much as he/she can afford.
  • The teacher thinks positively about his/her students and teaches them, so they can think as well as him/her in public and private lives, sue excuses for others before making mistakes and seeing flaws themselves before seeing the defects in others.
  • Teacher is the most keen person to provide benefit to his/her students by making the whole effort in their education, upbringing and directing them to show them the path of goodness and making them interested in it, aware them from evil path and provide them with complete care to grow the religious, psychological, social, health and moral values in them.
  • The teacher is fair between students in his/her handling, dealing, supervision, and in performance evaluation. He/she safeguards their dignity, and is aware of their rights, invest all of their time in useful things, and by this he/she does not allow to take his/her lessons against others in his specialization.
  • The teacher is an example of wisdom and compassion. He/she practices and apply them, avoiding violence and inhibit the students by making them used of thinking positive, and have constructive dialogue to listen to the opinions of others patiently and with tolerance, and to analyse with Islamic characters during conversation and spreading the principles of Shuraa.
  • Awareness of teacher about the student’s escape from the schools where the physical and psychological punishment is given. The respected educator avoids and forbids them.
  • Teacher seeks to provide students with mental and scientific skills, which develop their scientific critical thinking, and their love for continuous self- learning and practicing.

*Article 6: Teacher and Society:

  • The teacher enhances in students a sense of belonging to their religion and homeland, as they develop the importance of positive interaction with other cultures.
  • The teacher is honest for his homeland, its unity and cooperation among citizens. He/she is working hard to prevail fruitful love and genuine respect among all citizens, between them and the rulers for the inability of home security and stability, and to enable the development and prosperity for the sake of his/her reputation and his/her place among the high-end human societies.
  • The teacher has a place of respect, confidence and appreciation in society. He/she is keen to be at this level of confidence, appreciation and respect, and does not want to affect himself/herself, but underlines the confidence and respect from the community towards him/her.
  • Teacher is an influential member in his/her society who is linked with cognitive progress, promotes scientific and intellectual creativity, contributes to the culture, and dissemination of these merits among his/her students.
  • The teacher is an honest image of his/her religion and homeland. He/she is supposed to expand the culture scope and to diversify its sources, so he/she is able to form an immature opinion based on science, knowledge and vast experience appointed by his/her students on the horizon capacity and vision of diverse viewpoints as a cultural components are integrated, and cooperate in building a civilization humanitarian.

*Article 7: The Teacher and the School Community:

  • Mutual trust and teamwork is the basis of the relationship between the teacher and his colleagues and between teachers and educational administration.
  • The teacher realizes that by respecting the rules of conductance and compliance with regulations and instructions, implementation and positive participation in various school activities and events are the essential pillars in achieving the goals of the educational institution.

*Article 8: The Teacher and Family:

  • Teachers and parents are partners in the education and upbringing of students. The teacher is keen to strengthen the bonds of trust between home and school.
  • The teacher is aware that the consultation with the family on each thing will matter for the future of the students or affect in their scientific careers. Every change in their behaviour is extremely beneficial and important.
  • Workers lead in the teaching profession and perform all duties with good behaviour for the spirit of the principles contained in the ethics, working to deploy, consolidate and establish it and commit among their peers, in society and in general.