Saudi National Day at Al Isra International School

Saudi National Day at Al Isra International School

Saudi National Day was celebrated on  Sunday 29th September 2019 with great patriotic fervor. To celebrate this event, the school organized this program to channel its enthusiasm towards the host country and love for its culture. The purpose of this celebration was aimed to reinforce the bonds of love, brotherhood and unity with Saudi Arabia by the Saudi and expatriate students.

Ms.Amal –Otaibi, supervisor from ministry of education was the chief guest of our school celebration. The place for the program was adorned with green and white balloons and flags with a white background. There were also banners and decorations to express the celebration of Saudi National Day. The program was started with the beautiful recitation of Holy Verses of Quran. Different programs were presented to mark the great occasion, patriotic songs, KS1 girls performance and patriotic poetry recital by senior students.

The celebration spirit was in the air. Most of the students were wearing Saudi traditional dresses to depict the embodiment of feelings of love and loyalty to the LAND OF GIVING”. The Saudi staff beautifully laid the food corners with ancestral traditional food.


Supervised by Amal  Al Suleiman

Teachers  In charge: Ms. Khadra , Ms. Sheeba , Ms. Nayyer, Ms. Shafia

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