Teacher’s day

Teacher’s day

Date: 7th October 2018

We celebrate teacher’s day every year, students express their gratitude and appreciation for their teachers on this day. A celebration in that regard was conducted at Jeel Yanbu International School on 7th October 2018 (Sunday) during second period (8:20 am – 9:30 am).

The program was hosted by Nadeen Naser(Grade 9 ). As per program the celebration started with the Recitation of Holy Quran, first few verses of Surah e Rehman were recited by Arishba Riaz(Grade 9). Then Azwa zaigham(Grdae 9), recited this hadith “ the Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him) said: “ God, His angels and all those in Heavens and on Earth, even  ants in their hills and fish in the water, call down blessings on those who instruct others in beneficial knowledge” .

After the recitation n hadith Wafiah Ahmed (grade 3) presented her speech on teacher’s day. She thanked all the teachers for their hard work and love for the students. She explained how teachers motivate, help and encourage their students. Later students of lower primary presented the performance on song “Teacher, I love you” it was a lovely performance led by Taif Al Johani (grade1A). Students showed their love to the teachers by giving handmade cards to them. Some of the students wrote poems, some did art work to thank their teachers. All the decorations were done by our lovely teachers Miss Margie, Miss Jennylien, Miss Phoebe and Miss Valerie.

The School management also arranged small tokens of appreciation for the teachers.  After that our teachers were entertained with refreshment during the break time.

We at JYIS thank our staff for their knowledge and expertise, and their taking on the challenge of teaching students with dedication, devotion, grace, commitment and enthusiasm.

Supervised and Reported by:

Sana farhan

(Activity coordinator)

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