Saudi National Day Celebration at Al-Hussan International School

Saudi National Day Celebration at Al-Hussan International School

On 18th of September 2018, Al Hussan International School Yanbu has Celebrated the Saudi National Day. It plays a key role in enhancing the sense of nationalism and community among young generations in order to instill the concept of patriotism in them, deepen the spirit of good citizenship and strengthen its values. We were honored to host Ms. Ohoud Al-Taliouni a supervisor from foreign education.

The day celebrated as a symbol of unity, glory, and dignity. The students were dressed in Saudi Arabian traditional style clothing in order to celebrate the Saudi National day.The day was marked with enthralling cultural performance ranging from patriotic songs to folk dances like Saudi ParadeThe celebration started with recitation of Quran. Then everyone stood for the Saudi national anthem. Followed by presenting the main pillars of Saudi vision 2030. We enjoyed watching the Saudi parade presented by our students.The students gave a speech about the establishment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Followed by “Be careful” speech explaining to the students that it is important for all Saudi citizens to pay attention toward any action that may harm the safety and the security of their country such as taking videos or sharing any kind of documents that may expose any sort of information to their enemies. We must be careful to maintain the unity and the stability of our country and to eliminate any chance that our enemy may benefit from.We have presented leaders’ sayings of the kings of Saudi Arabia.After cutting the cake, the students passed by corners and enjoyed the activities.They expressed their feeling in this day and wrote words for our kingdom.The Saudi National Day Celebration was FABULOUS.



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