Jeel Yanbu Visit to RC Environmental Dept.

Jeel Yanbu Visit to RC Environmental Dept.

Visit to RC Environmental Dept.

Jeel Yanbu International School arranged a visit for a small group of students from KS 4 to RC Environmental Dept. under the supervision of Ms. Bara’ah Abu-Qulbein on Tuesday 20th February, 2018. The purpose of this visit was to show students’ how professionals deal with environment problems such as pollution from investigations and tests to prevention.

RC Environmental Dept. is located in Radhwa 3 in a beautiful area neighboring a park and recreation center. The students arrived there under the supervision of the Academic Coordinator, Ms. Sara P. M. Shah. The dept. staff under the supervision of Acting Director, Eng. Mr. Abdullah warmly welcomed the students and moved towards the Conference room where they had an elaborative presentation presented by Eng. Adnan, about their work and achievements regarding pollution and how pollution is prevented in a Smart and Industrial City of Royal Commission. Students had few questions and they were answered thoroughly during this session.

Students also visited three labs where they were shown different equipment to deal with polluted liquid/solid pollutants and how they were removed or treated. The dept. authority assured that the drinking water which is sent to the houses is better than the mineral water. They assured that the smoke and gases coming out of the refineries are under control and in a low range zone which are not harmful to people.

The students were provided with descriptive information and were very happy and excited with this educational trip. It could not be done without the support of School’s Academic Principal Mrs. Bara’ah Abu Qulbein.

The school is looking forward to arrange such educational and informative trip more in future.

Reported by: Sara P. M. Shah


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