QURAN COMPETITION at ALHussan International School

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Thursday April 5, 2018 Alhussan International School – Yanbu conducted Quran Competition for students. Surah Al-Mulk was selected for the competition. Aim of the competition was to encourage the students to memorize the Surah. Before beginning the competition, the students were explained the importance and benefits of reciting Surah-ul-Mulk. One of the most important benefit is that the surah will be a saviour, preventing the reader from retribution in the hereafter and on Judgment Day.

On Monday, April 9, 2018, the school announced the winners in the Quran competition.

The winners received certificates and prizes to encourage them to read, recite, memorize, understand and implement the Quran.

The students and teachers were very proud with this achievement.

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Jeel Yanbu Visit to RC Environmental Dept.

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Visit to RC Environmental Dept.

Jeel Yanbu International School arranged a visit for a small group of students from KS 4 to RC Environmental Dept. under the supervision of Ms. Bara’ah Abu-Qulbein on Tuesday 20th February, 2018. The purpose of this visit was to show students’ how professionals deal with environment problems such as pollution from investigations and tests to prevention.

RC Environmental Dept. is located in Radhwa 3 in a beautiful area neighboring a park and recreation center. The students arrived there under the supervision of the Academic Coordinator, Ms. Sara P. M. Shah. The dept. staff under the supervision of Acting Director, Eng. Mr. Abdullah warmly welcomed the students and moved towards the Conference room where they had an elaborative presentation presented by Eng. Adnan, about their work and achievements regarding pollution and how pollution is prevented in a Smart and Industrial City of Royal Commission. Students had few questions and they were answered thoroughly during this session.

Students also visited three labs where they were shown different equipment to deal with polluted liquid/solid pollutants and how they were removed or treated. The dept. authority assured that the drinking water which is sent to the houses is better than the mineral water. They assured that the smoke and gases coming out of the refineries are under control and in a low range zone which are not harmful to people.

The students were provided with descriptive information and were very happy and excited with this educational trip. It could not be done without the support of School’s Academic Principal Mrs. Bara’ah Abu Qulbein.

The school is looking forward to arrange such educational and informative trip more in future.

Reported by: Sara P. M. Shah


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Alhussan International School celebrated the Multicultural Day.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018 Alhussan International School – Yanbu has celebrated the Multicultural Day.

It is a great opportunity to describe to the students about the different cultures, how it shapes our identity and influences our behavior in an interesting way.

Cultural diversity can be represented by: human behaviors, expressive forms such as art, music, dance, ritual and religion. In addition to that, cooking, shelter and clothing.

Teachers have prepared corners representing different countries and presented national dishes and items.

Students came to school beautifully dressed in traditional clothing. They had performed amazing performances on the stage about the country that they are represented.

The students had read in front of the audience some of the countries’ histories and performed different shows.

It was an amazing celebration and enjoyed by the parents and students.


Prepared by:
Ms. Arjaa Salem Makkawi

School Principal:
Ms. Suha AlQurashi

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Jeel Yanbu Civil Defence Day 20018

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Civil Defence Day 20018

As approved for every year, JYIS has celebrated the World Civil Defence Day on March the 1st 2018. The activity held in the morning during the first two hours of the school day.

First, the program started with Quran recitation and then short & brief introduction about the Civil Defence Day from services, to measures and procedures in different places i.e. kitchen, school, road safety .. etc.

Objectives of the day:

  • To recall the significance of the fight against disasters of all kinds.
  • To recall the essential role played and services given by the agencies and departments of civil protection.
  • To make use of different media to deliver the directives and instructions on safety and protection measurements to all citizens.
  • To remind all of their duty and responsibilities towards the effective support of the functions. This to enhance civil protection measures against risks at the global level.
  • To arrange symposia and lectures to educate the public on duties and obligations of civil protection.

Last but not the least, the students enjoyed the given program and lectures and they took part in distributing leaflets and brochures to increase awareness around the topic.

Later on, during the following week the school has arranged for a field trip to Dana Mall where students took the privilege to visit the civil defence campaign. The trip was so rich in information that everyone has benefitted from.

We don’t forget to thank our teachers’ Ms. Fatima, Ms. Nouf and Ms. Rio for the nice and rich program of the day.


Reported by Ms. Abrar Al Tamimi.



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World Civil Defense Day at ALhussan

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World Civil Defense Day

In conjunction with the World Civil Defense Day, a group of firefighters visited Alhussan International School – Yanbu on Sunday 4 March 2018. They had spent 40 minutes starting from 10:15 am explaining to the students about the firefighting equipment that include: handy fire extinguishers, handy tools, electrical equipment and wiring, water sources and fire pumps. They had gave the students the chance to try the equipment and tools.

The students learned a lot from this experience and gained more knowledge about the civil defense. They have done different activities related to the event.

At the end, they prepared some crafts and letters and submitted it to the firefighters to express their thanks and gratitude.


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