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The Security and Safety activity has been initiated on Feb.23,2016 Tuesday. This activity was under control by the Safety and Security officers Mrs. Hanan Al Faydi and Mrs. Salma Al Juhani., in coordination with students who participated from selected levels.
Target that is being achieved from this program is to know the importance of safety and security everywhere we go, whether in our homes or schools, and to be fully aware about the precautions to be done.



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19 Replies to “SECURITY AND SAFETY Day in Yanbu Elite International School”

  1. A great way of teaching children to be safe without making them scared.

    Nayyer Qadeer
    Al Isra International School

  2. we must learn our kids to take care for themselves, outside & inside doors…..Al Isra International School

  3. This is something very important which we must teach to our children…that whot is security and itd purposes…to make them confident if by badluck they can face some problem….they must not be panic we have to teach them and and encourage them…

  4. Teaching the students on what to do when fire come out is something really important. Even the preschoolers dramatized on what to do whenever there is a fire. Great job!!!

  5. Words are too small to appreciate this effort. Especially Ms Hana. and Ms Salma for organizing this event. Very simple rule of life

    Awareness is a great blessings

    Sometimes we ignore small things that are very important and crucial from safety point of view.
    By looking at the pics i perceived that innovative approach of safety.


  6. Thanks to all our teachers and staff for their great effort and cooperation always in achieving their best in all the activities .
    Hope this awareness will be carried on and applied at all times for the security and safety of all the individuals surrounding us.

  7. First of all, best regards and gratitude to Mrs. Hanan Al Faydi and Mrs. Salma Al Juhani for their efforts to deliver these important informations about safety and security in simple, understandable and enjoyable way to our kids. The precautions they had learned will help them to know its importance and using them in their environment and give them an idea to live in safe.

    Best Regards,,

  8. We should always embrace the importance of safety awareness and precautionary measure in every organization that we belong with especially in school. Our students need an early knowledge on how they can take care of themselves and others in simple ways they can, that is why the program held in YEIS is very timely. It’s an eye opener for the educators and students that they should have a certain awareness on what to do when the situation calls for actions.

  9. Very nice attention to security and safety day. And teach our children these important things. All thanks and appreciation.

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