Saudi Arabia The land of Peace and Prosperity

Saudi Arabia The land of Peace and prosperity

A land which can be renowned as the benefaction  of the Almighty   is the land of the   tw
o Holy mosques. As an expatriate   when I  observe ,  this land some of the prominent features which attracted me are the  selfless devotion to  the Almighty, the Topographic diversity, The delectable food, the Benevolent natives and the Comfortable life whistock-vector-saudi-arabia-map-with-shadow-effect-142958797ch make The kingdom of Saudi Arabia  unique and prestigious.

The blessed natives of Saudi Arabia   leads a life of selfless devotion to the Almighty.  They lead a very pious life by observing the obligatory prayers to be performed five times a day included in the five pillars of Islam.  For them, Islam isn’t just a religion but a way of life that governs and guides their path through this world and the next. They   find the Holy Qur’an  as the book of  books and literature of literature which guides them  in this path of life.

Saudi Arabia is the country of  topographic diversity .The country includes   deserts like An Nafud,the  highest mountain peak  Jabal Sawda,  plateaus Hisma,  valleys  like Wadi Al-Rummah and  Harrat Al-Harrah  forest areas , beautiful coastal land areas  like Yanbu  and  much more. The diverse geography adds to the diverse  flora , fauna as well as the diverse climatic conditions  throughout the country.

The mouth watering dishes of the country are very famous in all most all part of the world. The food items are very traditional. Meals include thick soups, stuffed vegetables, bean salads or  tabbouleh, hummus, rice, and the flat bread that is eaten with all meals. Dates, raisins, and nuts are served as appetizers or snacks, and sweet desserts finish off the meal in celebrations.

The natives are very famous for their hospitality and humanity.  From a source that runs deep into the traditions and history, the warmth and friendliness of the Saudi   people is what powers the tourism, more than anything else in the country .The kind and hospitable natives embraced citizens of many countries  irrespective of cast and creed ,provided them life and  lustre.

The peaceful as well as comfortable life in the country is the remarkable achievement of Saudi Arabia. The royal kingdom assures safety and security not only to the citizens, but to the expatriate community also with the impeccable laws where no room is for inequality or injustice. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia always takes strong decisions and confirms its rejection and denouncement of terrorism. It is vivid from the kingdom’s contribution and cooperation in the international efforts against terrorism and the announcement of the new counter terrorism law. It has effectively participated in regional and international meetings to discuss the issue of combating terrorism, and criminalizing terrorist acts. The steps taken by the country in this account is commendable.

On the great national day of the kingdom which coincides this year with the Holy Days of the Eid al-Adha  the memorial of the great submission to the Almighty, with a heart full thanks I remember the words “happiness cannot be travelled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed, it is the great spiritual experience of living every minute with love, gra
ce and gratitude in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia”. On this auspicious occasion, I pray to Almighty that Saudi Arabia may progress by leaps and bounds in every walk of life to the top of the world.








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