Saudi National Day

Saudi National Day

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Saudi National Day

Saudi National Day

Saudi National Day

Saudi National Day

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Saudi National day

Saudi National day

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Saudi National Day

Saudi National Day

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“I’m not a Saudi born”


I am an expatriate

Who has come from srilanka

Lives in the country of holy Makkah


Where the deserts spread as far as the eye can see.. 

The sun shines ever so bright and strong.. 
In the land of the golden sun, in which I belong


The beauty of date trees stands majestically

It cannot be replace by anything perfectly


The people here with a great hospitality
globally welcomed by other nationalities.

Less evil; what I saw

When they draw the Sharia-Law


There, the country was in religious extremism

Now I entered in the boundary of Islamic pietism


Stepped on the dry land with honest

Effect, my dress got modest.


My eyes which used to capture the green land

Now go across the desert sand


My kid who flew in the rainfall like a bumble bee

Joys now making sand castle near the Yanbu sea
 Keeps me away from the blood relations

Anyway, comfort with annual vacations.

I’m not a Saudi born

 nevertheless I feel this is my own


Written by:

– Bushra Siddeeque Zahir

Kenz International School.

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10 Replies to ““I’m not a Saudi born””

  1. Masha Allah good work Bushra ma’am you have expressed the feeling and love towards the holy land very beautifully .
    keep writing…………….

  2. Mam I apriciate your poem
    You really well expressed the feeling of expatriates
    Allah bless Kingdom and keep the holy cites more and more respectful

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