International Schools’ Principals Speech


Remarkable guests 

We feel honored to have all of you my fellow friend have worked with us

And my dear dear students.  

We all gathered here today to show the hidden potentials of our students, our future. 

All of them are praise worthy… Winning or loosing. It’s not a big issue…, the biggest thing is to stand here to thrive to get the best and after all this… Celebrate the trump and acknowledge your defeat with a big smile on your face. 

Last but not least following prophet Mohammad’s Hadith he said ” whom never thank people he never thanks Allah” let’s all appreciate and give thanks to the organizers and the backstage soldiers lead by mrs. Fatima and mrs. Nadia thank you all for making this dream come true. 

by Mrs. Abrar AL-Hijli

On behalf of international schools principals in Yanbu (girls)


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