In all of history, the Ottoman Empire was one of the biggest, longest lasting empires.  Located in one the world’s largest Muslim populations, Istanbul, Turkey, then Constantinople (capital), Islam influenced all aspects of their lifestyle, such as culture, politics, and expectations. This civilization was sired by one of the most powerful leaders in history, Osman I in the year 1299.  During The Ottoman Empires existence, they reined over three continents; Asia, Africa, and Europe. They fought important battles such as the Battle of Chaldrian, The Battle of Mohacs, and The War of Crimean. These important moments in the empire’s history can be seen through the wars they engaged in and diplomatic efforts in their foreign affairs

Culture was based on Islam and religion affected all aspects of their lifestyle. Their Political high points and low points with Arab and European countries made them well known. Lastly, their civilization ended in 1923 due to lack of modern systems.


At Radhwa International School American Girls Section Yanbu we paid a rich tribute to the glory of Muslims during Ottoman Empire Era. We celebrated this theme during our Annual International Day celebrations. The event was held on 2nd, 3rd and 4th of March in Al-Nakheel campus.

The event was inaugurated on 2nd March by The Head of Private and Foreign Education  Mrs. Fatimah Al-Rehali and Foreign Education Supervisor, Mrs. Nadia Al Ghamdi.

Their presence was a great honor of us and their appreciation for all fine details of the event was a tremendous source of encouragement and motivation for Radhwa staff members and students.

The event consisted of two phases. In first phase we depicted the era through different themes. For that purpose different corners representing highlights of the Ottoman Empire were assigned to teachers and students.

Simultaneously in second phase there were performances by our dear students to pay rich tribute to the culture prevailing at that time. We are tremendously thankful to our General Supervisor Mrs. Eman Al-Sayed for making this dream come true and for all the support and guidance she provided.  Around 400 visitors attended the celebrations for three evenings. Magnificent and Splendid response was received from all aspects of Yanbu community.OTTMAN

The event was pre-eminently qualified to elaborate and was talk of town for many days. We are thankful to Turkish Airlines as there was a lucky draw for a free ticket to any destination in Turkey. Such events are of great importance from educational point of view and provide a good source of entertainment for the community. We look forward to more such events in future.




 Written by

Academic Principal

Miamoona Arqam

Radhwa International school Yanbu (American Section)



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