Some of the best rewards are free

rewardsYou do not have to spend a fortune on rewards for your students. The most effective rewards are activities that the students enjoy. Instead of going shopping for stickers or other prizes, offer students some of these rewards;

  • Extra time on the computer
  • An educational computer game.
  • Being team captain
  • Time to work on a puzzled
  • Bookmarks made by other students
  • Extra credit points
  • A walk for the entire class
  • A bulletin board featuring their work
  • Having their name displayed on a wall of fame
  • Having their work displayed
  • Watching a film
  • Using the library during free time
  • Time to do homework for another class
  • Being on a class honor
  • Being the student of the week
  • Participation in a paper airline contest
  • Extra time to complete an assignment
  • Borrowing a book from the classroom library
  • Time for independent reading
  • Encouraging notes on their work
  • A free pass to a school sporting event
  • A positive note from you to take home
  • Having you call their parents or guardian with a positive message
  • Having their photograph in a class newsletter




  1. Rewards are boost-up students confidence and interest in studies and the list mentioned are the best rewards for students.

  2. Wow really wonderful ideas we are following some of them and will surely try to implement the rest.Thanks for sharing this brilliant ideas and helping us.

  3. Already applied the idea of mobile game it came to my mind by chance and found it very effective . so I decided to download educational one .it mad my hyperactive students to stay calm and be enthusiastic.

  4. Wonderful and awesome approaches in all articles..really impressive work. I plan that i will tell all my staff to read and make notes from all these articles..especially best rewards are free..

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