Sports…..Not to be taken as war

Sports…..Not to be taken as war

Nearly all the schools have sports day and physical exercise periods. And especially in this modern era, the majority of the people realize the importance of sports and the long list of benefits that they have on health. Recently it has been observed that some parents are reluctant to allow their children to be part of such activities. Along with this some parents are really happy to see their children participating in the games. Especially every year when the sports events are held, many parents don’t like their children to be the part of these activities. These sports events lead to arguments among the parents.

It is a fact that sports make the students physically fit as a very- a well known proverb that a healthy mind is in a healthy body. Some parents argue that the school  force their kid to participate in an activity that is simply against his aptitude. Furthermore they argue that when their child is compelled to play in the group or house that he doesn’t like, how can he show his enthusiasm for that particular game. Beside, most of the schools have sports in the form of teams and  houses which means that he is forced to play with others who are not his friends. Consequently, he won’t be able to show  his hidden talent which simply means that he is going to disliked by his fellow mates and teachers for  showing bad performance. In addition, he is playing against his own friends who are in the opposite group and it simply means that he is losing his friendship just for the sake of  sports.

Nevertheless , it has been argued by the others who are in favour that sports make their children physically and mentally fit. In this context, they say that sports should be the compulsory subject for all the students in schools especially of the high school.  Like other subjects, it should be having importance and weightage to make students realize that they will develop self motivation, discipline and personal responsibility to its importance. What is more, in this age of academic excellence sports are only way out to soothe the devastating pressure of studies. All activities of the schools are geared towards the importance of success so these games are the best way out to unwind the students.

To sum up ,no sensible being can deny the importance of sports in students’ life especially  the school life is the foundation practical life.Only thing that is needed that there will special trained people to design all the activities for grooming the students. Along with this, the teachers must be well trained to make sports as an healthy activity to promote friendship and co operation among all students. Every one must keep this research in mind that was conducted at the Institute for the study of Youth Sports at Michigan State University report.” Kids who participate in organized sports do better in school , have better interpersonal skills , are more team oriented, and are generally healthier.”  To conclude the intense focus should not be winning..sports should be taken for the sake of sports .  


Academic Principal

Rizwana Awan

Al Isra International school Yanbu



  1. Sports are major port of life every student should participate at least one game and play with esprit.
    Every participate is equal to winner.

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