Welcome Back Our Dear Students !

Welcome Back Our Dear Students !

Theeeeeeeeeeeeey’re back – those first day of school jitters!!!!

After getting a refreshing period in long summer break , the students are always  very enthusiastic to go back to school.

Al Isra International school  Yanbu welcomed the students from kindergarten to Year 12 on their first day of school.

Students arrived with a mix of  emotions. Most of them were very  excited and desirous  about starting school especially Kindergarten kids . The  teachers approached them personally to make them feel comfortable.

And welcoming on the first day of school was a great fun . There was a welcome corner at the entrance to welcome the students.

Students were then directed to their classrooms and were welcomed by class teachers in their class rooms. The teachers introduced themselves and then they were introduced to their peers. They were informed about the rules and regulations of the school and class rooms.

The teachers prepared different activities for the purpose of orientation. These activities helped the teachers to evaluate them. These activities are always  very beneficial for new students as these activities help them  to soften the blow of entry into a new framework.

Kindergarten kids were given home like environment to make them feel comfortable  as many of them were nervous though some of them were excited.

There was a refreshment and snacks corner set up   for students and for their mothers.

There was also arts corner for primary school kids with themes of summer vacation and Eid as they had their eids in summer holidays.

The children had some fun filled activities with their class fellows and class teachers.

The students had a wonderful daythat was filled with lot of fun.


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