Welcome Day 2018-2019 Al Hussan International School Yanbu

Welcome Day 2018-2019 Al Hussan International School Yanbu

Monday 3rd of September 2018, Al Hussan International School Yanbu welcomed kindergarten kids and Grade 1 students in their first day of school.

Early in the morning, the staff welcomed the students and guide them to their respective classrooms. Teachers introduced themselves to the students, introduced the students to each others and helped them to get comfortable in the school environment. They distributed the badges, the welcome letter and the weekly plan to the students. Then, they explained to them the classrooms instructions.

Homeroom teachers took their class students on the school tour and showed them the facilities.

After that, the students had their breakfast then they went to the gym to enjoy the activities.

The teachers prepared different corners with summer theme and provided enjoyable activities to the students.

Corners are: Art and Craft Corner, Photography Corner, Face Painting Corner, Summer Desserts Corners and Beauty Salon.

After done with the activities, children enjoyed watching cinema show and having snacks.

They spent a nice time with their new friends.



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Arjaa Salem Makkawi


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