Jeel Yanbu Civil Defence Day 20018

Jeel Yanbu Civil Defence Day 20018

Civil Defence Day 20018

As approved for every year, JYIS has celebrated the World Civil Defence Day on March the 1st 2018. The activity held in the morning during the first two hours of the school day.

First, the program started with Quran recitation and then short & brief introduction about the Civil Defence Day from services, to measures and procedures in different places i.e. kitchen, school, road safety .. etc.

Objectives of the day:

  • To recall the significance of the fight against disasters of all kinds.
  • To recall the essential role played and services given by the agencies and departments of civil protection.
  • To make use of different media to deliver the directives and instructions on safety and protection measurements to all citizens.
  • To remind all of their duty and responsibilities towards the effective support of the functions. This to enhance civil protection measures against risks at the global level.
  • To arrange symposia and lectures to educate the public on duties and obligations of civil protection.

Last but not the least, the students enjoyed the given program and lectures and they took part in distributing leaflets and brochures to increase awareness around the topic.

Later on, during the following week the school has arranged for a field trip to Dana Mall where students took the privilege to visit the civil defence campaign. The trip was so rich in information that everyone has benefitted from.

We don’t forget to thank our teachers’ Ms. Fatima, Ms. Nouf and Ms. Rio for the nice and rich program of the day.


Reported by Ms. Abrar Al Tamimi.



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