Anti Corruption Day at KENZ International School.

Anti Corruption Day at KENZ International School.

  On the occasion of International Anti Corruption Day , a special assembly was organized on 10th of December 2017 by KENZ International School.

Students viewed a variety of programmes which went along the theme – Anti corruption. “ BRIBE” was the word of the day. The song “ what are you waiting for….. was sung by the choir group of grade 5 students. The different professions and their commitment were displayed by grade 4. Grade 7 did a skit on anticorruption .

A corner was set with the background of the Anti Corruption Commission – Nazaha .

Students distributed the take away cards and messages of anticorruption. The programme ended with the oath taking ceremony where in students pledged to work with sincerity throughout their life.The chief programme coordinator Mrs. Dilini Kanishka  with her team organized the programmes  successfully .


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