World Quality  Day at AL-Isra’a International School

We Make a Difference”


A  day to share our passion for quality, time to praise all that has been accomplish so far and dream about what greatness the future may hold, we celebrated the World Quality  day on Wednesday 29th November.

The Management, staffs and students came together in an effort to……..commit and re-dedicate ourselves to ongoing quality process. Our Academic Principal delivered a speech in the assembly to raise awareness about how important the quality can play in ensuring a nation’s and individual’s   prosperity. She continued by quoting…………Allah loves if one of you does a job that you can do.” Narrated by al-Bayhaqi
The concept of quality and improvement of work in general is not new to us Muslims, Islam urges us to master the work and calls for improvement and quality and mastery in work and make those who improve the best work in the Koran and many of the Prophet’s Hadith, such as saying (Almighty God Almighty) It is an expert on what you do)) ants 88, and the Almighty said ((Those who believe and do good deeds, we do not lose the reward of the best work)) Cave 30 It is a saheeh ahaadeeth that urge the improvement of the work as his saying peace be upon him “God loves if one of you work To be proficient.                                                                                                                                                                                       

Teachers came up with their creative art work and displayed to students to highlight the theme of the World Quality Day.

We feel proud to make a difference”                                                                                               .

  • Home of children from more than 15 nationalities.
  • Pioneer of International Competition in Yanbu.
  • Outstanding results at Interschool competition since 2012.
  • Outstanding Cambridge Learners Award in KSA- Amirah Kareem Wael.
  • Awareness of the important contribution leading Our students towards organizational and national group, and prosperity.
  • Regular reliable timely assessment to improve learning achievement!

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