World quality day was designed to spread the awareness and the importance of the quality in the minds of individuals and organizations. As expected from Al-Hussan International School-Yanbu, it took this opportunity and activated the Quality in Education Day in Wednesday November 29, 2017.

In the morning assembly, the teachers explain to the students what does quality in the context of education mean and how important it is to achieve a high quality for their learning.


Al-Hussan international School insure to apply the quality in education and that includes:

having a supportive school environment for learning, peaceful and safe environments for the students, effective classroom learning strategies, providing clear guidelines on what is expected from parents, improving the medical awareness and taking care of the students’ health, using technology in teaching like the smart boards and the projectors and using effective educational technology. In Al-Hussan International Schools we believe in the importance of using technology to enhance our students’ educational process. All our students have accounts on: Classera and all of them can access to their e-books on: Think Central.


The students have involved in this event by conducting different activities in order to consolidate the quality concept in their minds.


Kindergartens conducted an activity about the recycle. They recycled drawing into a bookmarks. They enjoyed their time coloring different sheets about the quality.

Primary students conducted an activity about the environmental awareness by recycling different items from the environment to create a nice artwork. Also they had an activity about writing poems. The quality of books contents supported the students to write their own poems and then they read it in front of their friends.


At the end, we would like to say that we at AHISY are promise to always have continuous improvement for our quality.


Prepared by:
Ms. Arjaa Salem Makkawi


School Principal:
Ms. Suha AlQurashi

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