Fun, Food and Fanfare at Radhwa International School’s Multi-Cultural Festival

Fun, Food and Fanfare at Radhwa International School’s Multi-Cultural Festival

The beginning of the second quarter was a success for the kindergarten department of Radhwa International School. To help implement some of their key performance indicators this year; they have created an initiative,involving the mothers of theirkindergarteners.

This initiative allows interested mothers to participate in school activities by representing a class and acting as community leaders. This initiative was undertaken to improve parental involvement and communication as part of Radhwa’s Key Performance Indicator ( KPI) Among their main responsibilities include: relaying messages to parents,soliciting, and distributing tasks to help make events successful.

The Multi-cultural festival was the first event that had taken place after the start of this initiative. On Wednesday evening, 7th of November 2017, the school’s central playground was transformed into exhibition area where mothers of kindergarten students presented a variety of different countries and cultures.

In order to ensure the success of this event, kindergarten teachers collaboratedwith parents.It was heartwarming to see both teachers and mothers work in unision to create cultural display boothsthat highlighted different countries, their cultures, food, currency and other educationally enriching information.

Mothers and teachers worked tirelessly throughout the day to present colorful and informative booths. Mums who had assisted were treated to a hearty breakfast as a token of appreciation.

In theevening, the event started at 6:30 pm with the highlights being the cultural booths. Each booth represented a particular country including its cultural foods, souvenirs, flag, informative posters, and giveaways. Some booths also incorporated games to make the learning experience more fun for the kindergarteners.

Mothers and their children tookto the stage traditional dances. Surprisingly, the impromptu stage performances created much excitement. There was a happy exchange of ideas. The parents, teachers and children were relaxed and happy. This event was a resounding success and the school is set to plan more events of the similar type.

The KG department wishes to thank all those parents and well-wishes for their effort.

Multi-cultures event coordinators: MsMaramNamshan and Ms Maria Khalil

KG supervisor: Afnan Esmat


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