Art and Science Exhibition – Curiosity 2017 @KENZ

The ignited  minds of KENZ International School presented CURIOSITY 2017: A beauteous Art and Science exhibition on the 26th of October,2017. The welcome theme of the event was Earth and its Evolution.

The  mesmerizing show was a potpourri of  skillfully prepared items for display.It was a sprightly display of  handicraft, paintings,origamy,wall hangings,lamps,aesthetically decorated pitchers, which presented the creative talent of the students.

The teachers  presented the scene of evolution at the entrance . From the origin of himalayas to  first cell to dinosaurs to humans and much more, the hanging gallery and the dinosaurs added to the beauty of the theme. The parents enjoyed the presentation  of students in the classes , auditorium and on the ground.

The students  prepared working models wherein they showed the working of fire and burglar alarms, hydraulic cranes, functioning of the lungs, satellites ,missiles, static electricity, thermal powerplants etc

Even the tiny tots of KENZ International School produced some amazing craft items, with assistance from their mentors. They made  paper huts,bumble-bees,birthday caps,photo frames,napkin holders,bouquets,rainbow clouds,abacus and so on.

The students were zealous to explain the concept of their project to every passing onlooker. The projects ranged from a simple classic volcano science project to ejected hydro acceleration model.

The class projects made with the teacher was the centre of attraction in each class. “The team work made the dream work”

KENZ  applauds the parents , students and staff organizers of the Exhibition  for a job well done, and making the school children an integral part of CURIOSITY 2017.

3 Replies to “Art and Science Exhibition – Curiosity 2017 @KENZ”


November 1, 2017 at 8:18 pm

wonderful work!! All the best to all the students 🙂



November 1, 2017 at 3:13 pm

Mashallah i wish all the best


Tarannum naz

October 31, 2017 at 10:57 am

When hard work is appreciated it means a lot.
Thanks a lot.


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