Teachers’ Day at ALHussan School

Happy Teachers’ Day

Alhussan International School in Yanbu has celebrated the Teachers’ Day on Thursday October 5, 2017.

Early in the morning, the administrators of AHISY have prepared a surprise to welcome the teachers. They distributed the flowers with a thanks letter to all teachers.

In the morning assembly,

The students spoke about the virtues of the teachers and their duty towards teachers. Teachers are the best guardian after parents. Therefore, students must have great respect and faith in teachers and must show good performance in the school.

The students thank the teachers for their hard work in delivering the knowledge to the students. The students distributed flowers to the teachers, sharing cupcakes and showed their grateful for being part of this school.


Students in each grade conducted activities about the teacher’s day. Students wrote a letters to express how much they love their teachers. Then they submitted those letters to their teachers as presents.

Homeroom teachers of kindergarten conducted enjoyable activities as well. The kids spent nice time in coloring different phrases about the teachers. Kg 1 kids sang together: “Thanks for the Teacher” under the supervision of Mrs. Samah Alghamdi and Mrs. Shan Sibal.

This day end with big smiles in the students’ and teachers’ faces. It has provided the chance for every one to become close to each other and spend a nice time. It Was a Happy Teachers’ Day.




Prepared by:
Ms. Arjaa Salem Makkawi

School Principal:
Ms. Suha AlQurashi

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