Happy Teachers Day

Just like every year, JYIS have gathered all students and staff to celebrate the big day today October the 5th! On this special occasion, JYIS convey the best wishes and greetings to all the Teachers gathered here and to all those, who have helped us when we were students to success not just in academics but also in life.

Students of grade 3, 4 and 5 have been fabulous on stage this morning performing a play, giving teacher’s day speech and ending it with a lovely dance passing love and gratitude to their teachers on the musical notes of “I love my teacher”. A special thanks goes to Ms. Sabah, Ms. Naghmana and Ms. Saima for taking the time to supervise and encourage their students to contribute in the program.

Students were then left to express their feelings through writing notes and letters to teachers in the function hall, and distributing gestures in a very warm atmosphere.

As from the school side, we never forget to appreciate our teachers and make their day where management of JYIS has arranged for a little get together breakfast for all with a simple gift to make them know how great they are being there to take a hand and opens a mind to bloom.

Bara’ah Abu-Qulbein

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  1. I am highly thankful for the love and appreciation I received not only from my students but from the school altogether.My students decorated board writing their beautiful comments for me.I received many cards which made me feel really special.I also thank the management for the breakfast and presents.Thats really commendable!

  2. I never had such an experience before I joined JYIS. I really feel special with overwhelming love from my students and the appreciation from school, it means a lot to me.

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