Jeel Yanbu International school celebrated the 87th Saudi National Day

With great enthusiasm, Jeel Yanbu International School’s entire staff and students celebrated the 87th Saudi National Day on Monday 25th of September, 2017. The celebration took the center stage of function hall where the atmosphere was full of euphoric excitement engendered by a various activities lined up to mark this annual historic event.

The activity team has worked on many different performances and activities to introduce the glory of the establishment of the kingdom and the eternal unification where everything was decked out in green and red which indicates the colour of the Saudi national flag mixed with the traditional gaiety and patriotic fervor.

The program commenced with the strains of Saudi National anthem playing through the speakers, followed by Quran and the opening speech / PowerPoint presentation about the history of KSA and its 2030 vision. Girls from grade 8 then performed a silent play passing appreciation and gratitude to the soldiers under the name of “ ???? ???????”. Teachers and students took this opportunity to leave a message on the soldiers board writing the kindest words. Many other activities has also taken place during the celebration such as the Saudi Operate, Saudi Quiz, colouring and cross words. Many souvenirs were also distributed depicting Saudi culture.

The school has also created an E-wall at ( and shared it on social media accounts where students, teachers and people can share a feeling and leave a comment for this occasion.

Bara’ah Abu-Qulbein

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