The Newest Best Apps for Teachers and Educators


Teachers love to turn a boring lesson into a game to motivate their students, but not everyone has the skills to make a game from scratch. Thankfully, the GetKahoot website makes it easy to turn your class into a gameshow. All you have to do is enter your prepared questions and answers into the site to create an instantly playable game with a web browser. Your students can then download the Kahoot app to use as a buzzer to join in on the fun.


We have saved the most important for last! ExamTime is a meeting place between teachers and students in which you can share study resources, work on group projects and initiate discussion threads and debates.

ExamTime’s tools allow you to create multiple resources such as Mind Maps, Flashcards, Quiz Maker and Interactive Notes. It’s designed to help you increase classroom participation, brainstorming and memorization. Try it for free now!



One easy way many educators are using technology in the classroom is to have students respond to short questions during a lesson to test for understanding. That works fine when all kids have a smartphone or device, but Plickers is a solution for more low-tech classrooms. Teachers issue cards with choices on them (A,B,C,D). The teacher poses the question and students hold up the card corresponding to the answer they want to give. The teacher then uses her phone or iPad to scan across the room. Plickers registers the results and feeds it all into a database. It can be used on iPhone and Android devices as well as on the Web and is free.


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