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KENZ Students Outshines Science Olympiads

14 Students from KENZ International School,who participated in the National Science Olympiads recently, won laurels for the school. 1of them won zonal gold medals, 4 of them won the Gold Medal for Excellence, 7 of them School Gold medals , 1 School Silver medal and 1 School Bronze medal. These students will be felicitated on Annual day .

The 19th National Science Olympiad conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation ( The largest Olympiad in the world )was conducted on 24th November 2016.

Ms. SabihaBanu- Examination Incharge, said: “The motivation from teachers, effort of parents and the hard work of students have brought glory to school.

Principal – Ms. BinduSanthosh congratulated the students for bagging the medals. She said, “The main motive of making the student participate in such Olympiads is to enhance the level of school students beyond their regular studies by paving way for them to compete at the International Level. To be part of this Olympiad our 68 students participated in it from class 1-10. The highest score is equally shared by ShreedharKiranJadhav of Class III and Zia Imran Patel of Class I.The Principal congratulated the winners and motivated others to take part in such type of exams with full preparation and zeal to strive.

Legal Principal – Ms. Dalal Al Johani congratulated the efforts of the winners.

  1. Ms. ShimnaShakir extended her compliments to the Parents, teachers and students for their achievement.


The winners list is as follows:

  1. Zia Imran Patel ( Class I ) – Zonal Silver medal, Cash prize, and Merit Certificate.

  2. Rehan S Mulla( Class I ) – Medal of Excellence , Cash Prize, Certificate of Excellence and Merit Certificate.
  3. Winsiga( Class I ) – Medal of Excellence, Certificate of Excellence and Merit Certificate.
  4. Haniya Begum ( Class I ) – School Gold medal
  5. Bhaveshvaran G E ( Class I )– Medal of Excellence, Certificate of Excellence and Merit Certificate.
  6. AbdurRahmann ( Class II )- School Gold Medal
  7. Mohammad Emil Morad ( Class III )– School Silver Medal
  8. Jenisfer Jo J ( Class III ) – School Gold Medal
  9. ShreedharKiranJadhav( Class III ) – Medal of Excellence, Certificate of Excellence and Merit Certificate.

     10. Fathima Amir ( Class III ) – School Bronze Medal

     11.YousufAleem ( Class IV ) – School Gold Medal

     12.Faiz Mohammad Shereef ( Class IV ) – School Gold Medal

     13.HanaVakayil ( Class VI ) – School Gold Medal

     14.MohammadAshar Amir ( Class V ) – School Gold Medal



  1. Congratulations to all the winners.This is not the end, you have a long way to go. May Allah always grant you success in everything you put your heart into.

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