YEIS The Reading Festival 2016 – Expand Your Mind Read a Book

I am delighted to share to you the recently conducted activity of Yanbu Elite International School “The Reading Festival 2016 – Expand Your Mind Read a Book”, the first Reading event jointly organized by the English Department and by Ms. Zainab Ali Haroun, Academic and Students Affairs Deputy. Reading Festival 2016 aims at celebrating the achievements of our school in promoting reading.  It started with the DEAR TIME (Drop Everything and Read) joined by students from grades 1 to 10 who all gathered in the ground with their favorite book, they sat down, relaxed and started reading together. We saw students taking pleasure in reading.  We see them reaching out for and embracing the infinite horizon brought by reading. Selected students from grades 4 to 6 gave us ideas on how important reading is. Through various modes of support, students have been encouraged to read across the curriculum to enhance their interest in reading. We saw them engage in a life-long pursuit of knowledge that is interlocked with their reading journey.  We saw them inspired and becoming knowledgeable, and we saw them write and speak with substance, insight and creativity. With these, a Book Talk competition was held, 13 students from grades 7 to 10 joined the said contest. As they’ve shared and advertised the books they really loved and enjoyed reading, students and teachers were given an idea on which books they can add to their reading list. To entertain the audience, some performances were presented, Readers Theatre was performed by selected students from grades 4 to 6 to the piece of The Shirt Collar by Hans Christian Andersen headed by Teacher MJ Reyes, followed by the Sing-A-Long to the tune of We are Going on a Bear Hunt performed by all the students from grades 1 to 3 headed by teacher Abegail Villapena with the help of all the advisers, some students from grades 2 and 3 also shared their favorite stories by an on-the-spot storytelling and lastly all were mesmerized by a speech choir performed by the grades 8 and 9 students  with the poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost headed by teacher Karen Dela Cruz. Indeed the whole event was a success; it affirms the importance of educators and schools in promoting reading.


  1. It was an awesome experience for kids. Reading is more interesting to them as they enjoy the different activities that have been offered to them during this activity. One of the highlights of this event is when the Grade 1 to 3 students recite a rhyme and its really beautiful performance from this young minds. Congratulations YEIS English Department.and to all students who participated..

  2. “A book is your best friend”
    This was a thought a decade back but now in the era of e-learning an initiative to connect young minds with the books is a very good step towards developing a habit of reading….. ? congratulation for its success?

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