Al Isra International school celebrated the National Day of the Arabic Language

On Sunday 18th December 2016, Al Isra International school came together to celebrate the National Day of the Arabic Language. This day symbolizes the importance of the Arabic language and we believe it is important to show the students at Al Isra just how significant it is.

The teachers came together to display many educational items such as; children’s books, art, colouring pages, historical information and poems. As students gathered around our teachers presented the room with enthusiasm and smiles. The session began with a small lesson about the history of the Arabic language and transgressed into a competition of question and answers. The questions were distributed to all ages from key stage 1 to key stage 3, beginning with non-Arabs. As the children quickly answered with excitement it was enjoyable to see how much they truly knew about the Arabic Language. When the students answered correctly, they were given a basket of prizes to choose from. The competition moved on to the native speakers, who were just as eager to answer the given questions.

After the question and answer period, the teachers and students continued celebrating the day amongst food and music.


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