Radhwa International School Celebration of the Arabic Language Day

On Sunday 18th of December 2016 the World Arabic Language Day at Radhwa International School was celebrated under the supervision of Ms. Nadia Al Ghamdi.

The program was a collaboration between the Indian & American Sections and was attended by all students and staff members.

  • The program was made up of the following:
  • It is started with a recitation and explaination of Qura’an.
  • Maryam from the Indian Section explained the importance of Arabic language.
  • Hameem Khaled from the American Section and Jummanah from the Indian Section performed an Arabic poem.


On stage, the school interviewed non-native speakers and asked them some questions in Arabic prepared by Ms. Zainab Awad.

  • Charades prepared and presented by Ms. Raghad Al Sayed.
  • “The conjunctions song” with actions by Mrs. Alanowd.
  • Poetry by Lilav Seida.
  • Puzzles by Ms. Shaimaa.
  • “I have a hat” song, performed by Grade 1 non-Arabs students.

There was a corner for Arabic handwriting with Nimra Batool (American Section) with several other students from the higher grades, supervised by Ms. Mowadah Al Sayed.

The program was concluded with a recitation of the Saudi National Anthem.

Mrs. Nadia then visited the Arabic Handwriting Corner to observe the students’ work and participation.

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