Alhussan International School Celebration of the Arabic Language Day

      Alhussan International School celebrated the Arabic Language Day on 18th of December. The school made a program to promote the Arabic language and it was a day full of joy with the teachers and parents participation, and the calligrapher Ms. Abrar Alrumaim in the calligraphy corner. There were many competition and students participations such as (a theoretical dialogue that explained the Arabic language feelings nowadays.) also, the students were doing a speech for the Arabic figures who we are proud of. The Kindergarten participated in doing a mural by using flowers to fill up (We Love Arabic) sentence. The students’ parents participation were really appreciated some of them did articles, handcrafts, and giveaways.

Program  Include


–        My Language is my identity

–        Quran – Hadith – National Anthem

Definition of Arabic language –        Roots of Arabic

–        It importance increased after the Holy Quran

Oddity & wonders of Arabic language –        Poems in Arabic without dots
PowerPoint –        Explains some of the borrowing words from the Arabic language and it used in many foreigners languages
Do you know?! –        Arabic language is the only language that have the alphabet ?
Student word –        Student word that expresses his feeling about his language
Students representing Arabic language figures –        Alfayrooz Abadi, Ibn Mandhoor, Seboyeh, Alfrahidi
Theoretical dialogue between the Classical and colloquial dialect –        Explained the Arabic language feelings nowadays.
Competition and games –        Dictation – Opposing words – Plural and singles – verbs games – Rearrange the words to make a sentence.
Common spelling mistakes in Arabic language –        Example : ???? – ???
Bride of all Languages –        A girl was wearing white dresses to represent the Arabic language.
Calligraphy and Art corners. –        For the non-Arabic students
Give away –        The school made some brooches and bookmarks for the students that have sentences related to the Arabic Language.
Parents Projects and giveaway –        Projects

–        Gifts

–        Article


































































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  1. Congratulations Al Hussan International school for carrying out so many programmes to promote the Arabic language on Arabic Day.

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