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9 Replies to “Teaching Arabic, Islamic, Saudi Geography & History”

  1. A brilliant idea .. both arab and non arab students will have a lot of helpful information

  2. Great opportunity for expatriate students , thanks a lot for implementing this.
    Al Isra international school

  3. Excellent opportunity to understand about saudis history and geography…as non arabs can avail this knowledge….

  4. I believe that this is a new thing our kids would be learning. I believe that teaching Alone is not enough. Even though I’m a non Muslim I have heard a lot about the Islamic culture which is so great to keep for one self no matter which religion one belong to. We need to make our teaching valuable by implementing it starting with the teachers itself for the young minds to follow.

  5. Totaly agree with maam rizwana .it is a golden opportunity for the Nonarabs to study the culutre and the inheritages of arab generaly and K.S.A specially as a significant islamic country to enhance the students’emotions towards the country they are living on its land .# It is the least right #

  6. Arabic is a liturgical language of islam, as the language of Quran so the teaching of Arabic , Islamic and Saudi history is necessary for us.

  7. In my opinion it is great opportunity for our kids to learn this language.
    Along with religious significance this is language of this land. The expatriate children are getting opportunity to know the islamic value by studying the islamic culture. To get them familiar with the heritage of this country the saudi history and Geography is a great source of knowledge for them.
    Personally i think it is something valuable ???

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