Saudi National Day

    Saudi National Day

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    Saudi National Day

    Saudi National Day

    Saudi National Day

    Saudi National Day

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    Saudi National day

    Saudi National day

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    Saudi National Day

    Saudi National Day

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    TESOL Arabia2017

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    The goal of TESOL Arabia is to establish a network of communication among professionals who use English as a medium of instruction, in order to promote and maintain the excellence of their teaching and administration.

    We aim to:


    the growth of professional development through the encouragement of both practical and theoretical scholarship


    the use of available technologies


    the instructional methodologies that best meet the needs of our students


    the English language teaching profession as a career


    a forum for discussion and support

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    Radhwa Annual Day Indian Section – “Dreams”

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    4th Jan, 2017

    One of the most anxiously awaited occasions in any school is its annual day. Radhwa International School hosted its 13th Annual day “Dreams” on 4th Jan 2017 with a lot of enthusiasm and zeal. The Annual Day is a perfect venue for children to instill positive values, recognize their abilities and talents, through an array of entertaining programmes.

     The event was presided by the Guests of various prestigious International Schools. The programme was anchored by Mrs. SabihaRukhsana.The function began at 5: 00 p.m. The programme commenced with a prayer by Ms.Akhila Roshan Class X and translation by Ms.Sheham Gilani Asst.Head Girl. The Head Girl Ms.Krishna Pratapa gave a short welcome speech.

    This was followed by Annual report of Principal Ms.Mumtaz Khan, who highlighted the achievements of the school and students. She also highlighted the growth and vision of RISY Education and thanked the director, Mr.Yousuf Hamad Al Saiyed and General Manager Mr.Abdullah Al Saiyedfor constant support. Then the students were facilitated for their excellence performance in academics and also for 100% attendance for the academic year 2015-16. Budding Scientists awards were presented to the students who did outstanding performance in Arts & Science Exhibition.

    The graceful dancers of Grade 5 presented a welcome dance. Then began the show where our talented buddies exhibited their talents on the theme “Dreams”. This thematic show of talent, imagination and organization was the essence of the evening. RISY students showed how privileged it is to be Radhwian. Each class danced to the tune of songs with colourful props, depicting the theme dreams and how to overcome the difficulties to achieve our dreams. The audience was enthralled by colourful and very well directed skits. The guests appreciated the theme of the Annual day and the staff & students effort to present it on the stage.

    Congratulations to “RED HOUSE” who secured first position in all inter house competitions for the year 2016-17. The trophy was proudly taken byMs.RahatFarzana, House Mistress, Ms.DhatreeKhandhedia Captain, Ms.MaryamNasar, Vice-Captain.

    Best House for March Past during ‘Annual Sports Meet-2016’ was awarded to Ms.Sana Fatima, House Mistress – BLUE HOUSE, Ms.Zainab,Captain, Ms.VijayaKumari Vice-Captain.

    Best student Council member was awarded to Ms. Aarti Ramachandran and Best Girl of the year was awarded to MS.Krishna Pratapa of class XII.

    The vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs.Mutheera Feroz, Chief Coordinator and the programme culminated by national anthem.

    The day ended with every glittering star carrying a feeling of happiness and achievement within itself. We believe that “Celebration is an occasion for enjoyment as well as a mode to moral values, intellectual creativity, social and respectful attitude towards society” The amazing and colorful items of our show revealed as to how much our beloved teachers and coaches have put in their tireless efforts in making the show a grand success and we hope it would direct us to do better in future.

    By – Mrs. Mutheera Feroz

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    Jeel Yanbu Sport Day

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    The school playground of JYIS was filled with great zeal and exciting atmosphere on  the 4th and 5th  of January 2017 as the school celebrated its Annual Sports Festival

    All students and teachers were involved  and enthusiastically participated in the event.

    Students competed to earn points in order to have their team crowned as “Team of the Year”.

    The programme began with waving flag song while the students displayed a wide array of colourful  and energetic moves during races, jumping, group games ..etc.

    As a result, winners of individual games were given medals while grade 4 from early years  and grade 7 from key stage 1 were announced as team of the Year for scoring the highest on the event.

    Well done to all students and teachers for making the effective contribution and for making the day a great success.

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    Olympiad winners from kenz

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    KENZ Students Outshines Science Olympiads

    14 Students from KENZ International School,who participated in the National Science Olympiads recently, won laurels for the school. 1of them won zonal gold medals, 4 of them won the Gold Medal for Excellence, 7 of them School Gold medals , 1 School Silver medal and 1 School Bronze medal. These students will be felicitated on Annual day .

    The 19th National Science Olympiad conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation ( The largest Olympiad in the world )was conducted on 24th November 2016.

    Ms. SabihaBanu- Examination Incharge, said: “The motivation from teachers, effort of parents and the hard work of students have brought glory to school.

    Principal – Ms. BinduSanthosh congratulated the students for bagging the medals. She said, “The main motive of making the student participate in such Olympiads is to enhance the level of school students beyond their regular studies by paving way for them to compete at the International Level. To be part of this Olympiad our 68 students participated in it from class 1-10. The highest score is equally shared by ShreedharKiranJadhav of Class III and Zia Imran Patel of Class I.The Principal congratulated the winners and motivated others to take part in such type of exams with full preparation and zeal to strive.

    Legal Principal – Ms. Dalal Al Johani congratulated the efforts of the winners.

    1. Ms. ShimnaShakir extended her compliments to the Parents, teachers and students for their achievement.


    The winners list is as follows:

    1. Zia Imran Patel ( Class I ) – Zonal Silver medal, Cash prize, and Merit Certificate.

    2. Rehan S Mulla( Class I ) – Medal of Excellence , Cash Prize, Certificate of Excellence and Merit Certificate.
    3. Winsiga( Class I ) – Medal of Excellence, Certificate of Excellence and Merit Certificate.
    4. Haniya Begum ( Class I ) – School Gold medal
    5. Bhaveshvaran G E ( Class I )– Medal of Excellence, Certificate of Excellence and Merit Certificate.
    6. AbdurRahmann ( Class II )- School Gold Medal
    7. Mohammad Emil Morad ( Class III )– School Silver Medal
    8. Jenisfer Jo J ( Class III ) – School Gold Medal
    9. ShreedharKiranJadhav( Class III ) – Medal of Excellence, Certificate of Excellence and Merit Certificate.

         10. Fathima Amir ( Class III ) – School Bronze Medal

         11.YousufAleem ( Class IV ) – School Gold Medal

         12.Faiz Mohammad Shereef ( Class IV ) – School Gold Medal

         13.HanaVakayil ( Class VI ) – School Gold Medal

         14.MohammadAshar Amir ( Class V ) – School Gold Medal


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    YEIS The Reading Festival 2016 – Expand Your Mind Read a Book

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    I am delighted to share to you the recently conducted activity of Yanbu Elite International School “The Reading Festival 2016 – Expand Your Mind Read a Book”, the first Reading event jointly organized by the English Department and by Ms. Zainab Ali Haroun, Academic and Students Affairs Deputy. Reading Festival 2016 aims at celebrating the achievements of our school in promoting reading.  It started with the DEAR TIME (Drop Everything and Read) joined by students from grades 1 to 10 who all gathered in the ground with their favorite book, they sat down, relaxed and started reading together. We saw students taking pleasure in reading.  We see them reaching out for and embracing the infinite horizon brought by reading. Selected students from grades 4 to 6 gave us ideas on how important reading is. Through various modes of support, students have been encouraged to read across the curriculum to enhance their interest in reading. We saw them engage in a life-long pursuit of knowledge that is interlocked with their reading journey.  We saw them inspired and becoming knowledgeable, and we saw them write and speak with substance, insight and creativity. With these, a Book Talk competition was held, 13 students from grades 7 to 10 joined the said contest. As they’ve shared and advertised the books they really loved and enjoyed reading, students and teachers were given an idea on which books they can add to their reading list. To entertain the audience, some performances were presented, Readers Theatre was performed by selected students from grades 4 to 6 to the piece of The Shirt Collar by Hans Christian Andersen headed by Teacher MJ Reyes, followed by the Sing-A-Long to the tune of We are Going on a Bear Hunt performed by all the students from grades 1 to 3 headed by teacher Abegail Villapena with the help of all the advisers, some students from grades 2 and 3 also shared their favorite stories by an on-the-spot storytelling and lastly all were mesmerized by a speech choir performed by the grades 8 and 9 students  with the poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost headed by teacher Karen Dela Cruz. Indeed the whole event was a success; it affirms the importance of educators and schools in promoting reading.

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    Radhwa International School is re-accredited by AdvancED for five years.

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    We are grateful to Allah Almighty for His blessings.

     Radhwa International School is re-accredited by AdvancED for five years.

    We can say with great pride that Radhwa has attained higher level of educational excellence. The school is not simply affiliated to any International Institution but Radhwa is accredited by International Institution. Accreditation matter a lot for us as it is designed to help educational institutions boost their ongoing performance efforts for the benefit of their students.  AdvancED insists on a relentless pursuit of excellence – for itself and for the institutions it accredits. This ethic of excellence ensures that institutions will find rich benefits from accreditation and that parents can confidently make informed decisions about their children’s education, knowing their child’s school is accredited. Accreditation matters because our students deserve the highest level of educational excellence possible.


    The IEQ (Index of Education Quality) mentioned by AdvancED Lead Evaluator Mr. Phil in his oral report depicts the dedication, hard work and contributions of all the stake holders in making Radhwa a successful school in Yanbu.


    IEQ is an innovative and state of art framework to measure institutional performance and provides a deeper understanding of institutional effectiveness. The IEQ score is generated by combining the ratings of the Performance indicators within each AdvancED Standard, the Evaluation criteria from the Student Performance Diagnostic and Results from the Stakeholder Feedback Diagnostic (survey of student, parents and staff/teachers).


    Below are IEQ scores of Radhwa.



    Radhwa IEQ Score

    AE Network/ World Wide Average

    Overall Score


    Teaching and Learning Impact



    Leadership Capacity



    Resource Utilization 316.67



    In addition to above scores some of the commendations mentioned by AdvancED are:


    “School leaders and staff members have created a culture of respect and trust that is based on shared values and beliefs. Governing body and school leader support student learnings through effective instructional programs. The school has established an excellent data collection and analysis system and it is used for making decisions regarding curriculum, instruction, student learning, and program effectiveness. The school provides an excellent model for sharing fiscal responsibilities: by having well-planned budgetary policies in place that provide support for making financial decisions and acquiring resources. The school is candidate for IB Program and encourages every student to take responsibility of their learning. The powerful practices observed by Radhwa School are strategic planning, and continuous improvement processes.”


    This analysis is done by an independent body (AdvancED). We highly appreciate our achievements as depicted by IEQ Scores, Commendations and Powerful practices.. This is moment of great pride and honor for the school.


    This is moment to recognize extraordinary efforts and professionalism of Mrs. Maimoona Arqam (Manager Quality Assurance and Leader of AdvancED Accreditation). The team attained motivation and inspiration from her at every step.


    AdvancED Coordinators dedication, unwavering support and efforts are exemplary and praise worthy. The coordinators are:

    1. Ms. Mutheera Feroz, AdvancED Coordinator Indian Girls Section
    2. Mr. Hamid Khan, AdvancED Coordinator Indian Boys Section
    3. Ms. Salaama Parker AdvancED Coordinator American Girls Section
    4. Mr. Ahemd Shaban Coordinator American boys Section


    AdvancED Standard leaders Mr. Hamid Khan, Mr, Zakriya Philander, Mr, Pasha Ms.Arwa Al Ahmadi, Ms. Reham Abu Jabal, Ms. Musadiq Kangan, Ms. Salaama Parker, Mr. Nizar Khan and Mr. Yazeed Patel are highly appreciated for their excellent presentations and professionalism. The team members’ enthusiasm and interest to work have made a huge impact on school’s success.


    The Board of Governors and School leaders have set a high benchmark for the others to follow. Our administrators, teachers, parents and students have always been supportive, their contributions are commendable and they share this success with us.


    We are sure a good future lies ahead for us. Radhwa International School will go a long way and will achieve many milestones of success with dedication and hard work.


    Congratulations Radhwa.



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    Parents Meeting in AL-Isra Shool

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    On  29th Tuesday 2016 We conducted our Midterm PTC in our school premise. It was a great opportunity to interact with the parents, building rapport and discussing issues that are on our mind. We share ideas, concerns, and experiences. In the meeting we specially  discussed about the hygiene of our kids and proper uniform.  It was  great  delight to meet the Parents and we assure them our support and co-operation.                              


    Recitation of Holy Quran.

    Welcome Speech.

    Felicitation Speech by Ma’am Rizwana(Academic Principal).

    Felicitation Speech by Ma’am Azza (School Supervisor).

    Felicitation Speech by Ma’am Rawan(Admin Principal).

    Felicitation Speech by Ma’am Rizwana(Academic Principal).

    SKIT( Theme: How to get rid of Exam Nerves).

    Vote of Thanks.

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    Al Isra International school celebrated the National Day of the Arabic Language

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    On Sunday 18th December 2016, Al Isra International school came together to celebrate the National Day of the Arabic Language. This day symbolizes the importance of the Arabic language and we believe it is important to show the students at Al Isra just how significant it is.

    The teachers came together to display many educational items such as; children’s books, art, colouring pages, historical information and poems. As students gathered around our teachers presented the room with enthusiasm and smiles. The session began with a small lesson about the history of the Arabic language and transgressed into a competition of question and answers. The questions were distributed to all ages from key stage 1 to key stage 3, beginning with non-Arabs. As the children quickly answered with excitement it was enjoyable to see how much they truly knew about the Arabic Language. When the students answered correctly, they were given a basket of prizes to choose from. The competition moved on to the native speakers, who were just as eager to answer the given questions.

    After the question and answer period, the teachers and students continued celebrating the day amongst food and music.


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