Saudi National Day

    Saudi National Day

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    Saudi National Day

    Saudi National Day

    Saudi National Day

    Saudi National Day

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    Saudi National day

    Saudi National day

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    Saudi National Day

    Saudi National Day

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    Arabic language demonstration lesson

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    Date: 27/12/16

    Venue: Al- Manar International School Girls Section Conference hall.

       A seminar based on the importance of Arabic Language among world languages, was conducted in our school on 27/12/16 from 8:30a.m-10:30 am.  It was a great opportunity for all the staff who attended the program to get an awareness about the new teaching strategies and techniques. The Seminar was organized by the Arabic department of AMIS under the leadership of Ms. Khuloud Al-Ahmadi, Manager Administrative affairs, AMIS.  The seminar was conducted by Ms. Badriya Iessa Bakheet.  The main focus was on, including new learning strategies using modern information technology. The supervisor from MoE was present to analyze the seminar.  The comments from the invitees and the supervisor were very positive and awarded special appreciation certificates to Ms. Khuloud and Ms. Badriyah for their wonderful and fruitful effort.  It was a great and successful achievement for the school and the Arabic department of AMIS by making the seminar open to Arabic language teachers from all the International and Private schools in Yanbu.


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    KENZ International School, Yanbu

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    Arabic Day Celebration

    Coordinators : Ms. Manal Mishned, Ms. Samah’ Bakheet

    , KSA celebrated “ Arabic Day” on the 18th of December 2016.  The  assembly started with the verses from the Holy  Qur’an , hadeeth and words of Wisdom in Arabic followed by the  Saudi National Anthem

    The Principal addressed the students and staff ,and spoke about the amazing facts of the Arabic language. The programme was made very colourful with the introduction of a Musical drama by grade 5 students followed by a skit about “ The smart Judge” by students from grade 6th ,7th  and 8th. All the classes participated in the Arabic word making games, dumb charades and quiz on Arabic Language.The winners of the final round of quiz were awarded. The Arabic teachers Ms. Manal Mishned and Ms. Samah Bakheet, decorated the notice boards with students literary and art work related to Arabic language.

    The programme ended with the certificate and prize distribution to the students who excelled in Arabic language and Quiz competition.

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    Radhwa International School Celebration of the Arabic Language Day

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    On Sunday 18th of December 2016 the World Arabic Language Day at Radhwa International School was celebrated under the supervision of Ms. Nadia Al Ghamdi.

    The program was a collaboration between the Indian & American Sections and was attended by all students and staff members.

    • The program was made up of the following:
    • It is started with a recitation and explaination of Qura’an.
    • Maryam from the Indian Section explained the importance of Arabic language.
    • Hameem Khaled from the American Section and Jummanah from the Indian Section performed an Arabic poem.


    On stage, the school interviewed non-native speakers and asked them some questions in Arabic prepared by Ms. Zainab Awad.

    • Charades prepared and presented by Ms. Raghad Al Sayed.
    • “The conjunctions song” with actions by Mrs. Alanowd.
    • Poetry by Lilav Seida.
    • Puzzles by Ms. Shaimaa.
    • “I have a hat” song, performed by Grade 1 non-Arabs students.

    There was a corner for Arabic handwriting with Nimra Batool (American Section) with several other students from the higher grades, supervised by Ms. Mowadah Al Sayed.

    The program was concluded with a recitation of the Saudi National Anthem.

    Mrs. Nadia then visited the Arabic Handwriting Corner to observe the students’ work and participation.

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    Jeel Yanbu International School Student Participate Ibda 2017

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    Alhanoof Fahad-JYIS

    Mon Dec 19, 2016

    Organized by King Abdulaziz and his Companions Foundation for Giftedness & Creativity (Mawhiba), in partnership with the Ministry of Education, the Kingdom -wide National Olympiad for Scientific Creativity– Innovation and Scientific Research Fields, first stage was launched with submitting the project’s information from 13 November until 13 December 2016.

    The contest is the highlight of Mawhiba Program. Thousands of schools all around the kingdom participated in the competition. Jeel Yanbu International school girls section is honored that it qualified to take part in this round with an innovation.

    Sarah Rehan, currently a seventh-grade student at JYIS participated in this year’s Ibda with an original the duration of a month she researched, come up with an idea and designed her innovation brilliantly.

    Congratulations to Sarah for her impressive submissions, JYIS is very proud of her achievement and hope she gets nominated to the final stage.

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    Alhussan International School Celebration of the Arabic Language Day

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          Alhussan International School celebrated the Arabic Language Day on 18th of December. The school made a program to promote the Arabic language and it was a day full of joy with the teachers and parents participation, and the calligrapher Ms. Abrar Alrumaim in the calligraphy corner. There were many competition and students participations such as (a theoretical dialogue that explained the Arabic language feelings nowadays.) also, the students were doing a speech for the Arabic figures who we are proud of. The Kindergarten participated in doing a mural by using flowers to fill up (We Love Arabic) sentence. The students’ parents participation were really appreciated some of them did articles, handcrafts, and giveaways.

    Program  Include


    –        My Language is my identity

    –        Quran – Hadith – National Anthem

    Definition of Arabic language –        Roots of Arabic

    –        It importance increased after the Holy Quran

    Oddity & wonders of Arabic language –        Poems in Arabic without dots
    PowerPoint –        Explains some of the borrowing words from the Arabic language and it used in many foreigners languages
    Do you know?! –        Arabic language is the only language that have the alphabet ?
    Student word –        Student word that expresses his feeling about his language
    Students representing Arabic language figures –        Alfayrooz Abadi, Ibn Mandhoor, Seboyeh, Alfrahidi
    Theoretical dialogue between the Classical and colloquial dialect –        Explained the Arabic language feelings nowadays.
    Competition and games –        Dictation – Opposing words – Plural and singles – verbs games – Rearrange the words to make a sentence.
    Common spelling mistakes in Arabic language –        Example : ???? – ???
    Bride of all Languages –        A girl was wearing white dresses to represent the Arabic language.
    Calligraphy and Art corners. –        For the non-Arabic students
    Give away –        The school made some brooches and bookmarks for the students that have sentences related to the Arabic Language.
    Parents Projects and giveaway –        Projects

    –        Gifts

    –        Article


































































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    Jeel Yanbu Celebration of Arabic Language Day

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    With pride and honor, JYIS would like to highlight the successful celebration of Arabic Language Day which was conducted on the 18th of December. The aim of this celebration was to show the importance of the Arabic language and its history as one of the most used languages amongst the nations, to promote the use of Classical Arabic in the community and to develop our student’s skills in the language through linguistic activities.

    The program was conducted by the Arabic Teachers along with the help of other staff members involving all school community, students and teachers. This has included Arabic poetry declamation, short scene about the importance of Arabic language and the use of classical Arabic/MSA vs the slang Arabic, the Hakwati (story telling in Fusha), Arabic calligraphy club and many other linguistic games and Arabic contests.

    The whole event was a success where all students and teachers have enjoyed and contributed effectively to the program.


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    Arabic Competition


    Foreign Education Department is glad to announce the celebrations and  competitions for the Foreign International Schools in Yanbu on the  occasion of the Arabic Language Day on 18 Dec. The deadline for submissions of entry is on 27 Dec.

    The Competition: is the first competition in the Arabic Language dedicated to the non-Arab students in Yanbu International schools.

    The Targeted People : Non-Arab students of the international schools in the three educational stages.

    Competition Objectives:

    1. To introduced one of the most used languages all over nation.
    2. To promote cultural understanding and encourage dialogue among people who speak different languages.
    3. To motive and encourage non Arab speakers in International Schools in Yanbu to have the ability to write and speak Arabic.
    4. To encourage young people to be more creative in the development of using Arabic text and language.

    Following are the details of the competition :

    S.No Event Guidelines
    1 (1)Hand writing


    Grade – 3-6 only.


    A-    Must be composed three lines

    B-    The font should be choose from Kufi or Naskh

    C-    It should be written on A3 paper size.

    (2) Elocution

    A-  The elocution should not be read from written text.

    B-   A poem or a short speech are chosen by the  student or by someone.

    C-   The poem should be composed of 6 or 10 verses.

    D-  The speech includes approximately 70 words.

    2 ( 1 ) Elocution

    (2) Short Story Writing

    Grade – 7-9 only

    ( 1 ) Elocution

    A-  The elocution will be for a poem, a speech or a broadcast.

    B – The text could be chosen by the students themselves  or by any other one.

    C – The poem should be between 8 and 12 verses.

    D – The speech or talk length will be approximately 100 words.

    E – The text should be in formal Arabic.

    F – The elocution should not be read from a written text

    (2)Short Story Writing :

    A – The short story narrates some real personal tale experienced by the participant themselves during their stay in Saudi Arabia.

    B – The story should be between 100 and 250 words.

    C – The story should be written by the participant themselves.

    3  (1) Elocution

    (1)  Arabic Translation of a short story

    Grade 10-12 only


    A – The elocution will be for a poem, a speech or a broadcast.

    B – The text could be chosen by the student himself or by any other one.

    C – The poem should be between 10 and 15 verses.

    D – The speech or talk will be approximately 150 words.

    E – The text should be in formal Arabic.

    F – The elocution should not be read from a written text.

    (2)Arabic translation of a short story (English to Arabic)

    A-    The short story could be from the students text book or any books.

    B-    The story must have a good moral lessons.

    C-    The story should be a minimum 150 words and a maximum 300 words.

    D-     The original English story must be attached with

      Short movie or Prezi application





    Teachers & Admins

    A- Movie should be through one of a movie makers program.

    B- The movie could be use as a teaching aids that is related to the Arabic text books.

    C-Approximately running time of 3 minutes

    d-Arab & non-Arab teachers can participate.

    5 Criteria for Judging The evaluations would be in the following aspects.

    –        The elocution should be correct in articulation, grammar and morphology.

    –        The ability to speech taking into account rhetoric,  poetic and prose aspects.(interrogations, exclamation, pause etc.,)

    –        Evaluation in short story writing will mainly consider the linguistic appropriateness, clarity, and the sequence.

    –        The entry must be submitted saved as video clips and send it by email :

    All the best to the students for the coming competitions.
    Foreign Education Supervisor (Girls)

      Yanbu, KSA

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